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New Whataburger opens in Prosper

A new Whataburger recently opened in Prosper. This is just one of many new developments.

A new Whataburger recently opened in Prosper. This is just one of many new developments.

Josh Coblentz, Staff Writer

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The common expectation for a fast food place for most people is pretty low. The most anyone can expect is short wait times, greasy food, excess salt, and an abundance of calories. With the new Whataburger that opened off of Preston, my more sassy friend and I went to go see how this Whataburger compared to our expectations.

Immediately we were greeted to a full parking lot stuffed with blue honda family vans with the sparse truck loaded with lawn care equipment. There was no possible reality in which we could park within a half mile of the Whataburger which forced us to park on the other side of the planet. The walk to the restaurant was pleasant. An overcast sky played into the cool chill in the air. Once we gained access into the restaurant, we suddenly realized why we had to park such a long distance away.

The store was filled to the brim with people. Families squished together in booths, chairs were pulled from closets to seat individuals, while groups stood to wait for a table big enough. The building was clearly bursting with activity, and it wasn’t even lunch hour. The line was fast enough for most to avoid complaining, while cashiers tried to do their best to keep things organized.

After ordering, we scoured the fairly large restaurant in search of a table. Fortunately, there was one table for two open, but unfortunately it had yet to be cleaned. Not wanting to bother any of the busy workers by demanding they clean the table, we decided to wet some napkins and use that to somewhat make a cleaner area to eat. This was met with grumbling by my friend, but I kindly suggested he sit on the floor if he was not satisfied. At this point I went to attend the restroom, rationalizing that with the amount of customers, it may be a while till we get our food. As I entered the somewhat clean restroom, I was overwhelmed by the obnoxious smell of the smoke produced by vapes. I hurried out of the restroom questioning if it was one of the customers or an employee that produced the stench. Once I sat back down, my friend pointed out the sheer number of employees working at the moment. A clear rectangular window showed the kitchen where easily 25 workers crammed, moving around sporadically to appease the customers. At that point we examined the building identifying individual features that stand out; how the building was actually pretty large, or the sad attempt at Christmas decorations that hung from the ceiling, similar to how a kindergarten teacher decorates a classroom. We presumed the food wouldn’t be out in a while so we struck up a conversation about current events. Much to our surprise, we didn’t get five minutes into our discussion when our food came out on the iconic orange trays. I ordered a jalapeno burger with small fries, hoping to try something new. Not really a surprise, the sandwich tasted like fast food, like every other burger I’ve ever had at a restaurant. This one was just slightly spicier. By no means was it bad, but it wasn’t anything special either.  The food reminded me of a quote I once heard, “Plastic shoes are to the shoe world what fast food is to fine cuisine.” I have yet to find a fast food restaurant that truly challenges that statement. If you want something easy and fast, this Whataburger should meet every one of your expectations and maybe even a little more. But if you’re looking for something different, a little less generic, then you are looking in the wrong place.

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