Junior High Schedule Change

Alteration made to mirror other districts nearby

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Junior High Schedule Change

Lauren Hollin, Staff Writer

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Due to similar changes in the district, Celina Junior High has made the decision to change Thursday night games to Tuesday nights starting next year. Celina decided to make the transition due tol 5 and 6A regions generally scheduling their sub-varsities games on different nights than their junior high games as well.


“We’re growing and getting to a larger type school,” athletics director Bill Elliott said. “Other schools in our district have actually started doing this this past year.”


The regular schedule caused late nights for families and faculty members, and the change will allow coaches to have more time.


“The primary purpose was to eliminate the extremely late nights for students,” football and head powerlifting coach Sherwood said. “Often when playing four junior high football games in a row, the students don’t finish the last game until 9:00 or 10:00.  And combine that with the drive back to Celina and it being a school night, you end up with tired students, not to mention coaches.”


According to coach Elliot, the schedule change should be a smooth transition for the junior high students.


“It’s really not going to be a huge impact or change for them,” Elliot said. “A lot of the kids that are coming never played junior high before, so it will be nothing new for them.  For last year’s 7th graders, it will be a little bit of change, because they’ll be in 8th grade, and they’ll be playing on that.”


With this new change, parents have complaints about having to be in two places at once, if they have two kids in the athletics program.


“My mom will try to watch both, depending on how far away each activity is,” sophomore Kayla Yarbrough said. “But she will most likely have to miss half of our games. That or either me and my sister will have one of each parent at our games, which is disappointing, but better than nothing.”


Overall, the reaction is mostly positive from coaches and students.


“Current and upcoming students for the junior high and high school should have a positive experience for this change,” Sherwood said. “It will allow for less late nights, a greater number of coaching staff, and an opportunity for junior high athletes to watch how, not only the Varsity, but also the JV conduct themselves and hopefully learning from the experience.”

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