Extravagant Fine Arts

Annual Christmas Extravaganza tonight 6:30-9:00 features fine art departments

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Extravagant Fine Arts

James Carroll

James Carroll

James Carroll

James Carroll / Judith Matehuala, Staff Writers

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The Christmas Extravaganza tradition returns from last year tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium, featuring both the fine arts department and, for the first time, FCCLA.

“This is our fifth year to do Christmas Extravaganza,” fine arts director Cynthia Baker said. “It’s kind of been like a stone that’s been gathering moss for the past five or six years. We wanted to do something that’s fine arts collaborative.”

FCCLA will join the fine arts department’s involvement by selling cookies and hot chocolate for $1 in front of the auditorium.

“There are many displays of art being presented,” FCCLA director Heather Hussong said. “I didn’t want something that took into that time. [I wanted] something that could be a ‘come and go’ on people’s schedule, but still give them the benefit of coming together as a family or a community, which is what FCCLA is all about.”

While FCCLA serves fresh cookies and hot cocoa, band students selected to play in a quintet will offer entertainment before the auditorium doors open.

“I hope that our students get a chance to showcase their talents,” director of bands Benjamin Aune said. “I hope [the audience] leaves impressed with the caliber of musicians we have here at the school and they leave feeling like it put them into a holiday mood.”

Aune began preparing the band in November and introduced the songs “Sleigh Ride,” “Faeries,” and the annual “Christmas Sing-a-Long” for the band to play.

“We play a lot of music for the crowd that shows up,” sophomore Peyton Grimes said. “We usually start out the Christmas Extravaganza and set the mood for the whole thing, and we make everyone happy with music.”

Along with the band’s performance, the choir director Adam Lemaire composed a performance of nine choir songs, including pieces such as “Hallelujah Chorus,” to be sung by the combined choir. The individual girls’ and boys’ choirs will be featured for the duration of the program.

“Lemaire is really good at picking music, and I’m sure our songs will all complement each other,” sophomore Kate McKnight said. “He wants it to be light and cheery and for varsity choir, he wants it to be difficult. That will really show where we shine.”

While the choir and other fine arts transition between each other’s performance, a sitcom, music videos and animations from CTV and the beginning film class will play.

“We had [the beginning film students] all work on their animations and we narrowed it down to three or four animations that are gonna be shown,” CTV adviser Kent Smith said. “The animations, while short, are really good for a beginning class.”

The Extravaganza gives the community and student body a chance to appreciate how much work goes into to fine arts and celebrate Christmas.

“For the students it shows a sense of pride that we have a really strong fine arts program going on here,” Baker said. “You guys all come together and celebrate what you have in one place where the community can come see and go ‘Wow, we’ve got a huge group of talented kids.’ It’s good for everybody.”

(Jacob Vaught, Addy Davenport, Michelle Barrientz, Nyasha Hananda and Edoardo Guerini contributed to this story.)

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