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CTV aims to continue tradition of achievement in animation

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CTV Success

Harold from Faith Nana's

Harold from Faith Nana's "Sketchy"

Harold from Faith Nana's "Sketchy"

Harold from Faith Nana's "Sketchy"

CTV Staff

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After seniors Emma Craig and Faith Nana’s animations qualified for the UIL Young Filmmakers State Finals, their teams headed to the Paramount Theatre in Austin to receive their scores around 3 p.m. today.

“I was the last person to know my result,” Craig said. “[CTV advisor Kent] Smith came up to me and was like “Your film got superior, like straight superiors.” That doesn’t happen.”

Craig’s animation “The Red Yarn” took six months to make, and features two people who express interest in each other and the boundaries that interfere.

“I’ve kind of related it to myself and how it’s kind of hard to communicate to somebody you’re interested in,” Craig said. “I figured it would be instead of being emotional like the physical [boundary], like they physically can’t talk to each other because they are a huge gap apart and figure out all these ways until it works best for them.”

Nana drew inspiration from a Three Days Grace song to make her animation.

“I haven’t really ever been bullied like my character was, “ Nana said. “But the artistic side of wanting to create an amazing and awesome world is one thing i wish we could do.”

In the final days leading up to the UIL deadline, Nana had to trim down her film in order for it to be eligible.

“She worked on it forever and when she was done it was six minutes… UIL says you can’t go past three minutes,” Smith said. “And when I [said] cut that thing from six minutes to three minutes you may as well have asked me to cut her heart out.”

Smith, Faith, and Emma hope to continue CTV’s success over the past few years.

“To see yourself up there and watch everybody else react to their work [is] really cool,” Smith said. “That’s something you can’t get do something else.”

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