Assembly not centered around prom

Josh Hollin / Ryan Geiger, EIC / Copy editor

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The mystery behind the Measured By Character butterflies posted around the school will finally be revealed during third period today.

The program will be run by a non-profit organization whose website says its mission is “to share the message that everyone’s life has purpose and meaning, and that character plays a powerful role in our lives.”

Many students assumed the butterflies eluded to a discussion on drinking and driving since the event is taking place two days before prom. However, principal Bill Hemby describes a more broadly positioned program that is not centered around those attending prom, but around all students.

“They absolutely surround their project and their assembly program around character development,” Hemby said. “The way they do that is faith-based and experience-based.”

Speaker Wade White will draw on his experience, specifically the loss of his son in a tragic car accident roughly three years ago. Hemby emphasized the importance of White’s message.

“Young people will really get a strong benefit out of hearing this man speak to [them],” Hemby said. “I want to make us aware of how important random acts of kindness are and how important it is to be acceptant of other people as we grow.”

Hemby plans to implement a system, inspired by the Measured by Character program, where random acts of kindness committed by students will be documented and rewarded. This incentive-laden program aims to increase levels of kindness and acceptance around campus.

“Personally, this wouldn’t affect me because I try to help people who need it even if no one is there to see it,” senior K.J. Stastny said. “But I see where it could affect the entire school because some people will do something nice just to get an award.”

Hemby reitereated his belief in the character already in place in the school community and anticipates this program will fit in nicely, adding to the atmosphere around the school. He fully expects the speaker to challenge students to self-evaluate and leave asking themselves one specific question.

“The speaker who’s going to be speaking to [the students] will be talking about some of the trials and tribulations he has been through,” Hemby said. “The main question that’s addressed is are you a character or do you have character?”

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