Impending sale of Brookshire’s could mean life-changing choice

Bennett Raegen

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My face gets redder by the second. As I scan down the story in the Dallas Morning News, I become furious. I can’t believe Brookshire’s is considering selling the company.

I started working at Brookshire’s because of the small-town environment and how nice the employees are. If things change, I will most likely be searching for a new job.

H-E-B, Kroger and Albertson’s have all been rumored to be among the groups making bids to buy the chain.

If any of those three get the bid, I fear I won’t be able to be myself. For example, I will no longer be able to say “Hope you have a blessed day.”  

I consider this a big part of who I am. It would be devastating to no longer be able to wish blessings on others.

People shop at Brookshire’s because of the community atmosphere within the store and the friendly customer service. When you go into one of their stores, the employees greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome.

If the service and atmosphere change, the sales could potentially go down. Those qualities are what give Brookshire’s a fighting chance against the Kroger Marketplace being built down the road in Prosper.

Brookshire’s is looking to sell the company with an estimated starting value of $1 billion. They continue to work with JPMorgan Chase to start an auction to attract larger companies.

Right now, Kroger is looking at Brookshire’s because it fits the profile of stores it has bought in the past. There are also rumblings that Albertson’s may have stopped the IPO [initial public offering] because they plan to bid on Brookshire’s.

The whole situation is a mess. When I think about not seeing Brookshire’s in Celina anymore, it makes me sick.

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